Lars-Åke Plåtis Nilsson

Hi, my name is Lars-Åke Nilsson but most people call me Plåtis which is my nickname. I`m the vocalist in the band Stormburst. I grove up in a nice little village called Vansbro in Dalarna, Sweden. My interest of music started when I was 16 years old and I heard the Sweet`s album, Funny Adams. It took me by storm, and in a couple of days I bought myself my first electric guitar and an Hagström AMP. Then Boston came out with their first album and I was completely blown away. In 1978, a couple friends asked me if I wanted to join their band as a bass player, I accepted and that was what later become Keen Hue. I stayed in Keen Hue for 11 years, then it was time to move on in life. My love for music was so strong so a couple of years after quitting Keen Hue, I started to sing and played bass in a cover band called Rocka Drula and after that another cover band called By Paz. Anyway, in the summer of 2014, Kent Jansson phoned me and asked if I wanted to start a band with him and Thomas Totte Hansson. The intention was to write original songs, I thought it was a great idea and a great possibility for me, so I said yes of course. I am very glad that I gave music a chance again because it gives me so much pleasure and fun.  And now 10 years later we are still working with Stormburst.  So keep on Rocking out there and believe me – I will.