Creativity in autumn dark!

In the darkest autumn darkness, we crawl into the studio to create brand  new material for our next album.

BTW there will soon be new T-shirts and a few signed posters to order. Maybe something for Santa. More information will be available soon.

Finally release of our first video

Making a video is a long process, creative and fun. It’s time to thank our partner with light and rigging! 

Thank you to the company Ljus, Ljud & Musik for  equipment and supply.

We present here Storburst’s first video!



What a wonderful weekend

Early summertime is a completely enchanting time here, the appel trees bloom and the cherry trees as well.  Everything wakes alive after a long cold winter.  In the middle of all this we had our record release,  with interviews,  newspaper articles, radio and lots of reviews. Many have congratulated us and sent mail, messages, phoned us so we are overwhelmed by the receipt.

We will of course try to answer all as soon as we can. But meanwhile we want to say humbly thank you very much.


Busy week

It has really been a busy week, easter, rehearsals at Plåtis and Thomas has made tre phone interviews for AOR Heaven, Poweplay magazine in the U.K and Sweden Rock Magazine.

A great week!!


Weekend equals rehearsal.

One of the basic ideas with  the band is to have fun and play together. So that’s what we usually do on Sunday mornings.